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Beat the Heat This Summer

Can New Windows Help You Beat the Heat This Summer?

As homeowners you know that your energy costs can skyrocket during a hot summer due to the large amount of energy used by cooling systems like air conditioners and central air. Your energy bills are likely to make you sweat just as much as the summer sun, maybe more!

Part of the reason your costs are so high could be your inefficient windows. Older windows let cool air escape and hot, steamy air in, causing your home’s cooling systems to work harder and use more energy than is necessary to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Instead of cranking up the air conditioners and taking the consequences straight out of your wallet, a switch to energy efficient windows can drop your energy costs significantly. Newer windows have “improved glass performance,” which makes them far more energy efficient and durable. This leads to less of the hot summer air getting into your home as well as less of the cool air you are paying for getting out.

If you are someone whose summer plans are weighed down by the cost of cooling your home year after year, a switch to a more energy efficient window will finally let you enjoy your summer without the constant pressure of your high energy costs.



by Scott Merrell from Rescom in Windows