We’re honoured to be a recipient of the 2022 HomeStars “Best of Award” for the second year in a row. The Best of Award recognizes the most trusted home service professionals in HomeStars network, which includes over 60,000 home services pros. Each winner has been vetted and awarded thanks to their commitment to quality, integrity and exceptional customer care. This award celebrates the success of the companies who are the best in their industry, and recognizes the exemplar work and services they provide based on their own customers’ feedback.

This award is only possible thanks to all of you who have taken the time to go to the HomeStars review site and share your stories about your WELDA experience. Reviews are important to a company like ours: they allow us to get more information about how we’re performing. Are we meeting expectations? Is there something we could improve? All of these answers we get from feedback from our customers.

About Homestars

Homestars is a free service helping homeowners find reputable renovators, repairmen and retailers through its database of 2 million companies and hundreds of thousands of reviews. Homeowners write reviews based on their home improvement experiences – both good and bad – helping build a collective knowledge base that is invaluable in helping homeowners make better hiring decisions. A trusted resource since 2006, Homestars has grown to be the leading online community of homeowners and home improvement companies in Canada.

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