Hybrid windows from WELDA

New hybrid window offers the benefits of both aluminum clad and PVC windows in one innovative window system. Durable and built to last, this design unites the aesthetics and strength of an aluminum clad exterior with the easy practicality and energy efficiency of a PVC interior. Available in several colours, these windows with a sleek design harmonize with any type of property. Because colour lasts much longer on aluminum windows, the hybrid window is the perfect choice if you should opt for coloured windows.

The current architectural trend for several condominium projects being more and more contemporary even industrial. Having combined the two most popular materials in the window world, the hybrid window is the perfect answer to all architectural applications. For a house, trendy condo or commercial property, choose our new contemporary hybrid window.

Consisting of the two most popular materials used in the fenestration industry, the hybrid window is suitable for all architectural applications: rigid PVC frame fitted with an exterior extruded aluminum extension for even more solidity and welded rigid PVC sash with aluminum extrusion in the insulated section of the partition for greater comfort.
All our PVC window models are offered in a hybrid version. This includes: casement, hung, bay, awning and even hybrid horizontal sliding windows.
Set your sights on our Energy Star products, as they will greatly increase your home’s energy efficiency. We stand firmly behind the superior quality of our windows, which is why our warranties are among the best in the industry.

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