The corner windows were considered a modern and stylish architectural feature in residential and commercial buildings. Corner windows offer several advantages, including increased natural light, panoramic views, and a sense of openness. They can be particularly popular in contemporary and minimalist designs, where maximizing natural light and connecting indoor and outdoor spaces are key design principles.

However, design trends can change over time, and what is considered trendy can vary based on regional preferences, architectural styles, and evolving design aesthetics. It’s always a good idea to check with more recent sources, such as architectural magazines, design websites, or local experts, to get the latest information on design trends in your area or the specific context you are interested in.

Canadian architects love corner windows for openness, natural light, and a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces

Are corner windows energy efficient?

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The energy efficiency of corner windows can be influenced by various factors, and it’s important to consider design elements, orientation, and the type of glazing used.

Glazing and Insulation

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The choice of glass and the level of insulation in the windows are crucial. High-quality, energy-efficient glazing, such as double or triple-pane windows with low-emissivity (low-E) coatings, can help minimize heat transfer. Proper insulation around the window frames is also essential.


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The orientation of the corner windows in relation to the sun can impact energy efficiency. In colder climates, south-facing corner windows can allow for passive solar heating during the winter, helping to reduce heating costs. However, in warmer climates, excessive sunlight exposure may lead to increased cooling costs, so appropriate shading strategies (e.g., overhangs, shades) may be necessary.

Sealing and Design

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Effective sealing is critical to prevent air leakage, which can significantly affect energy efficiency. The design of the window and the overall building envelope can impact how well the space retains heat or stays cool.

Local Climate

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Consideration of the local climate is essential. In cold climates, maximizing solar gain through well-designed corner windows may be beneficial, while in hot climates, strategies to minimize solar heat gain might be more important.

Choose only licenced installers with good reputation and windows manufacturer warranties

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In summary, corner windows can be energy-efficient when designed and installed thoughtfully with high-quality materials and consideration for the local climate and building orientation.

Aesthetics of corner windows

It’s recommended to work with a qualified architect or energy consultant who can perform energy modeling specific to the project’s location, taking into account factors such as climate, building orientation, and local energy codes. This can help optimize the design for energy efficiency while still achieving the aesthetic goals of incorporating corner windows.

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