Get Ready For Winter

The weather is warm, and you don’t have to worry about hearing your furnace kick on every few minutes – for now.

However, we know the cold and snow will soon return to Ontario. How will you keep your home and family warm without spending an arm and a leg?

The best solution is to replace your old, drafty windows with new, energy-efficient windows from WELDA. With an estimated 30 percent or more of your home’s energy draining away through inefficient windows it makes good sense to stop the flow and reduce the amount of money you spend on oil, gas, electricity, wood, coal – whichever fuel you use to heat your home.

WELDA Windows are manufactured using the newest in energy efficiency technology, including insulated frames and low-emissivity glass. Our crews can replace your windows quickly and professionally, giving you a head start on the blustery winds and icy storms that frequent our area during winter.

Don’t wait until your family is shivering and you are reaching to turn up the thermostat. The time to take action is now, while the sun is still shining. WELDA can replace your old windows with custom-fit, high efficiency windows that will keep the warmth and the cold out from the very first chilly day. Why wait?

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