On June 19th, 2018, the Ontario Government announced the termination of the GreenON Rebate Program for windows.

Visit www.greenon.ca for details.

WELDA Windows & Doors is proud to be a participating contractor in the GreenON Rebates Program, offered by the Green Ontario Fund – an agency of the government of Ontario.

Take advantage of BIG SAVINGS! Purchase our Energy-Efficient windows installed by our specially trained installers and qualify for up to $5,000 in rebates from the Green Ontario Fund.

GreenON Window Rebates

In mid-December, the Ontario government launched a new program offering rebates on the purchase and installation of select high-performance windows. This program, called GreenON, was created to promote the reduction of energy costs and fight climate change. It offers 500$ per window replacement, and up to $5000 per house.


  • Available for single homes, semi-detached and townhomes already built (not on new construction)
  • Available on full-frame installation only (no retrofit installs allowed)
  • Bay and bow windows are eligible (but a bay/bow counts as 1 opening)


  • Windows must be bought and installed by a Window Wise certified installer.
  • All installers must be certified to install (not just one individual on the team or in the company).
  • The Window Wise installer must have a showroom.
  • Certification is not retroactive. If the installer is not certified at time of installation, the rebate will not be given.


Homeowner must take before and after pictures of each window to submit with the application.
Only one application per property. All windows must be bought and installed at the same time.
If the Embridge or Union Gas program has already been used on the house, the GreenON program is not applicable.
Homeowner will receive a cheque from the government 8-12 weeks after the application is sent.

Do eligible windows need to be installed brick-to-brick in order to receive a rebate?

Yes, under the GreenON Rebates program eligible windows must be installed brick-to-brick, meaning the whole window frame must be replaced (not just the glass). Sash or unit replacements are not eligible.

Under the GreenON Rebates program, are windows installed for less than $500 eligible for a rebate?

The GreenON Rebates program offers $500 off each eligible high-performance window installed under the program. In order to be eligible for the rebate, the total invoice for the window’s purchase and installation must exceed $500.

Is there an end date for the GreenON Rebates program? What does the March 31 date in the Terms and Conditions refer to?

There is currently no end date for the GreenON Rebates program. March 31 is tied to the program’s fiscal year end. It is the annual deadline for your contractor to submit application paperwork for installations completed in the previous 12-month period. Your participating contractor will prepare your application on your behalf for your review and approval; speak with your contractor about the application submission process.

How are Green Ontario Fund programs being funded?

The Green Ontario Fund and its programs are funded through proceeds from Ontario’s carbon market. To learn more about Ontario’s carbon market, visit: https://www.ontario.ca/page/cap-and-trade

GreenON rebates: A warmer, more energy-efficient home and money in your pocket.

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