“If I need to save money in my building budget, the easiest way to cut cost is windows and doors.”

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The fact is, whether your house is 70 years old or 3 years old, you need energy efficient windows. A homebuilder looks at window as a cheap necessity. To a builder, a window is no more than a frame, glass, and a lock. They are not interested in a future homeowners’ true investment. WHY?
The answer is simple, nobody pays attention to windows when they are looking for a house to buy. As long as the windows are not broken or don’t have a ridiculous colour the future homeowner does not care. Likewise, the homebuilder does not care and will buy the least expensive alternative that they can find.
Traditionally, the only contractors that buy premium grade windows are remodelling contractors.

Many homeowners have asked us, “Is replacing windows during the winter a good idea?”

In most cases, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” If you are already thinking about home window replacement, here are a few good reasons for not putting the job off until summer.

Reduce your energy bills – Now!

Many homeowners start thinking about replacing windows in the winter when they notice skyrocketing heating costs, or simply feel chilly in their home due to old, drafty windows.
With rising heating fuel and electricity prices, poorly insulated or leaky windows can cost a lot more than most people realize.
If you’re already considering window replacement, why not take care of it now during the months where you stand to save the most money on energy bills?

More advantages of scheduling window replacement during the “Off-Peak” season.

Smart shoppers know that there are advantages to buying products during slower seasons – and home windows are no different.
The best part of a January or February installation is the price you will pay.
Because many homeowners wait for summer to replace windows, we’re able to setup free in-home consultation estimate and installation even faster than usual.

Winter is the best time to install new windows.

Your house’s framing wood has contracted back to its natural size (a wooden door swelling in summer humidity is good example), so when we put in the new windows you get the tightest, most energy efficient installation.

Energy bills: where does your money go?

The average, standard household energy bill in Ontario is $2,900 a year. This is no small sum – yet many of us don’t know where our money is going.

Energy Bill Breakdown

Old and drafty windows take their toll on your home’s energy efficiency in any season, resulting in up to a 40% loss of heating energy in winter and up to a 50% loss of cooling energy in the summer.

You can’t afford NOT to change those drafty windows / doors with energy costs on the rise. Why wait and waste money?!

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