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“Would you like that installed?”

It’s a simple question, and if you haven’t given it much thought you might not appreciate the implications. Many people associate professional installation as an added and possibly unnecessary expense to a product they have purchased. Let’s talk about that a little bit and try to understand if there really is an added value to having your vinyl windows and fiberglass doors installed by trained professionals. After all, the neighbour’s son is a bit of a handyman, he’s a lot cheaper and works for cash, plus you know where he lives in case there is a problem.

OK, but what if that problem doesn’t show up for 5 years because the water leaking in the wall wasn’t noticed until there was serious structural damage; also known as rot. The neighbour has long since moved, but it doesn’t really matter because he didn’t provide you with any kind of warranty. Come to think of it, he never did complete the entire job either.

What if he had fallen off that old ladder while installing those high windows; do you think he had insurance? If it was your ladder that he borrowed, could he have sued you? Did you even think to ask him what he knew about framing, building codes, and load bearing walls, when he enlarged the opening for the wider window? Who gets stuck paying for the product that was measured wrong or damaged due to inexperience and carelessness?

I think we have identified a few differences already. Professional installers have product knowledge, training, and experience, which allow them to troubleshoot and problem solve during the install. They understand how a wall sheds water to the outside, and how flashings, dripcaps and sill pans work to prevent water ingress. The professional uses proper tools that are well maintained, and he is covered by liability and health insurance. The company he works for pays its taxes and adheres to WorkSafe guidelines, and it has been in business long enough that its warranties provide you with worry-free assurances.

Professionals know what is inside the wall, and before they cut into it they have identified plumbing and electrical locations. They have also thought to take care of your expensive window coverings and protected your carpets and hardwoods with dropsheets. They know how to install the windows and doors to ensure you will enjoy the maximum performance and useful life of the product. In turn, this installation extends the life of your entire home.

I am not suggesting that no one other than a professional can install a window or a door. But I would recommend that you consider the potential for disaster when a poor installation leads to a costly restoration down the road. Many people have also paid in full only to find out the job is not complete and the installer cannot be found.

A professional window installation by an accredited company is a form of insurance that has many benefits. Peace of mind rates very high when identifying levels of satisfaction.

If you are considering upgrading your windows and doors, please talk to one of our estimators and discuss the value of a professional installation. Have them explain our comprehensive warranty, and trust our experience.

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