Windows replacement involves several steps, and the specific process can vary based on the type of windows you have (e.g., awning, casement, sliding), the material of the existing windows, and whether you’re installing new construction or replacement windows.

Assessment and Measurement

windows replacement measurements

Measure the dimensions of the existing window openings accurately. Assess the condition of the existing windows and frames to determine the extent of replacement needed.

If you’re replacing the entire window unit, measure the overall size of the window unit, including the frame. For specialty windows (e.g., bay or bow windows), follow specific measurement instructions provided by the window manufacturer.

Choose Replacement Windows

window styles

Select replacement windows that fit the style and dimensions of your existing window openings. Consider energy efficiency, material (vinyl or aluminum), and other features based on your preferences and climate needs.

Remove Old Windows

old window removal

Carefully remove the existing window sashes, trim, and any other components. Use a pry bar to detach the old window frame from the opening.

Prepare the Opening

Clean and inspect the window opening for any damage or rot. Make any necessary repairs to the frame, sill, or surrounding areas.

Install New Windows

aluminum window installation Toronto

Place the new replacement window into the opening, ensuring it is level and square. Use shims to adjust and level the window as needed. Secure the window in place by screwing it into the frame.

Insulate and Seal

insulate window seal

Apply insulation around the window frame to improve energy efficiency. Use caulk to seal any gaps between the window frame and the opening.

Install Trim and Finish

window interior frames

Add interior and exterior trim to cover the gaps between the window frame and the wall. Caulk and paint the trim to match the existing decor.

Test the Windows

open window

Open and close the windows to ensure they operate smoothly. Check for proper insulation and sealing.

If you’re not comfortable or experienced with window replacement, it’s advisable to hire a professional installer. Proper installation is crucial for energy efficiency, weather resistance, and the longevity of your new windows. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and local building codes during the replacement process.

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