Simply-Clean Glass is a special dirt repelling coating (a smooth hydrophilic surface on the outside #1 surface and the LoE on the inside #2 surface) applied to “mirror” quality glass simultaneously. Simply-Clean Glass reduces frequent, strenuous, and expensive exterior window cleaning.

  • Provides easy glass cleaning
  • Protects glass from excessive dirt, stains and grime
  • Keeps glass cleaner, longer
  • Reduces cleaning frequency
  • Saves time, money and labour
  • Endures in all climates… won’t peel or discolour

With Simply-Clean coating on your windows, the sun will actually help to keep the glass clean. As the sun’s rays contact the coating, Simply-Clean is activated, helping break down dust, dirt and other organic deposits. The rain then washes away the residue left behind so you won’t have to clean the windows as often.

Note: After installation wash glass surface with 20% vinegar and 80% water solution mix.

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