Porch Enclosure

Porch Enclosures

Porch enclosures are the greatest thing since sliced bread! But don`t take our word for it -- ask anyone who`s had an enclosed patio installed. Porch enclosures are immensely practical additions to your home especially in the extreme Canadian climate.
In the winter, Toronto porch enclosure acts as another barrier to cold winds and snow every time you open your front insulated door. In the summer, Toronto porch enclosures with screened windows create a nice bug-free environment to sit in the breeze.

Entrance enclosures are custom fabricated glass panels and doors made from 1 3/4" aluminum rail specifically designed to fit into these existing openings. Each panel is fastened together with special connector pieces to form a wall. The storm door(s) are mounted to this base providing a doorway.

Our porch enclosure system is particularly suited for curved and angled applications. Beautiful and functional, complete with operating windows and doors, these enclosures are a handsome enhancement to any home!

Enclosure Configurations

Storm Door Systems

Storm doors are more popular than ever right now due to the rising cost of energy. Our Toronto storm doors are designed to conserve heat in the winter, ventilate during the summer, beautify and protect Canadian homes year round. All products are virtually maintenance free. Wide selections of standard baked-on-enamel finishes are available to compliment your homes colour scheme.

Handle Options

The Hidden Vent

The Hidden Vent retractable screen is designed to give you a clear view when closed and allow for ventilation when opened.

The Hidden Vent keeps your screens clean and makes cleaning the glass a breeze. The screen is located in an enclosed cartridge on the top off the glass area.
The screen is connected to the operating sash and when the glass is lowered, the screen follows.
When the glass is raised to the closed position the screen retracts out of sight back into the cartridge.

The Hidden Vent is available in the Tri Lite, Self Storing, High View model storm doors and in the porch enclosures.