Window Basics

Vinyl Window Basics

You look through them every single day. But how often do you really think about the impact your home`s windows have on its energy savings and comfort. How much do you really know about your windows? Knowing something about windows is important if you want to make smart decisions about purchasing the right windows for your home.

Vinyl Window Basics
When selecting your vinyl replacement windows there are some features you should look for that will ensure years of worry-free performance:
- Welded sash and frames for strength and durability. Unlike screwed or glued joints that weaken over time, our solid, fusion-welded corners are permanently sealed against air and water infiltration.
- Energy efficient glass (in the winter it helps keep warm air in and cold air out, and in the summer it helps keep cool air in and warm air out)
- Inert gas between panes of glass (slows heat transfer and helps reduce noise)
- A quality spacer (separates the two panes of glass around the edge) reduces heat loss and minimizes condensation
- Ventilation latches (safety feature that allows window to only open a few inches)
- Custom manufactured for your home (allows for best fit and installation)
- Our vinyl windows will never become brittle and require practically no maintenance.
Our vinyl replacement windows are expertly designed and skillfully manufactured to provide you with cost-saving energy efficiency, exceptional safety and security, greater comfort and remarkable beauty!