Hybrid Windows

Hybrid Windows: Efficient, Solid and Elegant!

Hybrid Windows

New hybrid window has an exterior frame made of extruded aluminum joined to the interior part of the frame, which is made of rigid PVC. This innovative product assures you the strength and beauty of aluminum combined with the energy efficiency of vinyl - it’s simply the best of both worlds with no compromise!

Hybrid windows are an ideal choice when opting for coloured windows as the aluminum exterior provides for excellent colour adhesion and a long-lasting finish. Available in a range of standard and customized colours.

Hybrid windows are a perfect blend of the strength and durability of aluminum (exterior) and the insulating qualities of PVC (interior). An especially attractive feature: you can choose different inside and outside colours to match the style of your home.

All our PVC window models are offered in hybrid version with the exception of the hung window. This includes: casement, bay, awning and even hybrid horizontal sliding windows. New hybrid window with a contemporary look for customers looking for new architectural styles.

Consisting of the two most popular materials used in fenestration, the Hybrid window is suitable for all architectural applications. These windows with exceptional performance are available for residential and commercial projects.