Garden Window

Garden Window - Greenhouse Window


Garden Window





Transform any room into an indoor garden with a custom designed Garden Window or Mini-Solarium. Garden windows protrude outward from the home, allowing more light. Great for seedlings and high-maintenance plants, these windows can feature shelving on multiple levels to maximize space. They can also feature an awning- style top with a crank and pole to allow airflow from the outside without having to reach. They're economical and built to last.


Greenhouse Window



Greenhouse Windows and Mini-Solariums are engineered to be energy efficient. The fusion welded frames, in combination with weather seals, double-glazing and an insulated base will keep out the cold winter winds. In the summer, the top venting windows open wide to provide a cooling breeze. Whether you replace an existing window, or to add space to your home, your Greenhouse Window or Mini-Solarium will enhance the beauty and the value of your home.

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